“Excluding unique and prodigious moments that faith has given us,
the fact of loving our job is the most concrete approximation of happiness on earth”. (Primo Levi)


M.M.P. Srl recycles post-industrial plastic wastes, mainly PVC.

About us

M.M.P. is one of the leading experts in the three basic principles of plastic recycling: grinding (and hence mixing), pulverization and cryogenic micronization.

We deal with all of the three above-mentioned processing methods both for own use and for third party use.

Our main focus is the recycling of PVC, but we also have the expertise and equipment to process other types of plastic waste such as PE, PP, PU, etc.

The collection and transport of plastic wastes is centrally controlled and thanks to years of high-quality, punctual and precise service we have gained a great reputation among our customers.

Our company can also provide stackable metal cages to collect wastes, if needed by our clients.

M.M.P. is registered to the “Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali” and its vehicles have all authorizations required by law.

Our Market

We sell:

PVC ground and / or mixed and / or powdered / micronized of various quality processed according to the needs, with quality verified in the laboratory.

We buy:

industrial wastes of polyvinylchloride (PVC) of different types, provided they are not contaminated:

PVC plasticized

Cable PVC

Rigid PVC from calender, tubes, slabs, etc.

Also PVC plasticized with textile inserts (irrigation pipes, for oil, compressed air, etc.).