“Excluding unique and prodigious moments that faith has given us,
the fact of loving our job is the most concrete approximation of happiness on earth”. (Primo Levi)

Grinding and Mizing

Grinding is the main and mostly used recycling method of plastic materials.

This process is carried out by M.M.P. using mill grinders equipped with conveyor belts and metal detectors capable of grinding industrial wastes of any size.

The size of the outcome grains varies according to the type of material and its size-range goes from a minimum of 4 mm to a maximum of 10 mm.

The ground material is put into vertical or horizontal mixing silos in order to make the outcome product homogenous. After that, the recycled wastes will be put into big bags on pallets.

Finally, further laboratory tests certify that the product both meets the quality standards of the company and the customers’ needs.